Flex-Band® Loop - Extra Strength (12 in)

Product Description

This simple, super-portable exercise tool intensifies upper and lower body exercises, building strength and maximizing workouts. The closed-loop design adds challenge to lunges, squats, or core work, and it's great for side-lying exercises.

The Flex-Band® Loop is an ideal complement to physical therapy and injury recovery exercises. It targets specific muscles for proper activation and improved fitness.

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Sku: SKU : ST02233
  • 10 and 12 inch sizes available in regular and extra strength
  • Adds resistance to weight training and increases functional exercise options
  • Gentle on joints making it great for toning legs, hips and glutes
  • Slim, sturdy closed-loop design maintains its shape
  • Durable latex rubber that won't stretch or wear out easily
  • Provides challenge while still allowing for a good range of motion
  • 2-inch width stays in place comfortably and won't dig into skin
  • Works for any body size and type
  • Can be looped around hands, feet, or both
Length 12 in 305 mm
Width 2 in 50.8 mm
Thickness .024 in .6 mm
  • Latex