The Merrithew™ range of Pilates equipment and accessories is popular and well-recognized worldwide. The products offer a wide selection for home, commercial, and rehab purposes. Whether you want a single machine for personal training, or want to start a mini-studio space, or want to open a fully-equipped studio, the best options are available right here.

 IndiaPilates Pilates Reformer


The Pilates Reformer is a versatile and widely used machine for training and conditioning the total body. The Merrithew™ Reformers are available with options that will enable you to upgrade your Reformer with accessories and add-on equipment. The Reformer model you choose will depend on your current requirements plus your goals going forward.

To know more about the choices available and to understand better how to decide the optimum fit for you contact us.

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  • Pilates Equipment

    To add to the Reformer, there is a range of Pilates equipment that adds variety and progression to your workouts.

  • Reformer Accessories

    There are a wide range of accessories that help support, challenge and add variety to your Reformer workouts.

  • Complete Studio Package

    These packages offer varied combinations of Pilates equipment to suit your needs and help start your Pilates with the best possible mix to offer programs and workouts to maximise your business.

  • Pilates Accessories

    These accessories can be used to challenge or provide support in workouts on the Reformer or mat workouts.

  • Replacement Parts

    Ensure your safety and the efficiency of your Pilates equipment with timely replacements of springs and other parts on the machines.

  • Fitness Small Equipment & Accessories

    A wide range of accessories and equipment to use for Total Body workouts and Fitness programs. Also, for adding challenge and variety to your Pilates workouts on the machines and mat.

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