Professional Reformers

Designed for professionals, these Reformers are suitable for a wide range of goals and needs. They are upgradable to increase programming options to add further variety and challenge in workouts.

  • V2 Max™ Reformer


    • These Reformers are a popular choice for fitness and health professionals.
    • Ideal for Pilates studios, gyms and fitness facilities.
    • Versatile with upgrade options to increase programming variety and challenge.
    • Suitable for varied clients including fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and rehab.

    • SPX® Max Reformer


      • These Reformers are the most cost-effective choice in Professional Reformers.
      • Suitable for studios with space constraints.
      • The machine is lower in height making it closer to the floor. Also, the width of the frame is narrower, making the working base less wide.
      • These units can be folded and stacked vertically.

    • MPX™ Professional Reformers

      • MPX™ Reformer
      • 5 Reformer springs (4 × 100%, 1 × 50%)
      • 5 neoprene spring covers for noise reduction
      • Traditional Rope System
      • Traditional Gearbar System
      • Soft Reformer Loops
      • Carriage Stopper
      • Vertical Stand
      • Easy-roll wheels on the front end of the Reformer

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